Boston Newborn Photography Session in Jamaica Plain, MA

March 16, 2021

These three are living THE-JP life. Their historic home sits right on the outskirts of the Arnold Arboretum so you know I suggested we take a stroll across the street when I saw that we had enough time! One of the things I love about old New England homes are the many levels and odd room arrangements. This house had it all—old French doors, dormers and fun stairways that meandered through narrow levels! One of my favorite things about doing in-home newborn sessions in the Boston Area are the amazing homes and apartments I get to see! It’s like a ticket to a private house tour. It keeps me on my toes too, every home I enter provides new creative opportunities. I’m certainly never bored.

Hot tip: In-home sessions don’t have to be entirely indoors! If time allows, we can head outside to a nearby park or yard.