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My work lives somewhere between Lifestyle and Documentary. A blend of documenting the real and the prompted. I'll watch and let you and your connections unfold as well as give occasional direction. I'll step back when it feels right and step in when it's needed.

The real stuff.

The hugs. The tears.

The tantrums. The giggles. The process. The laughter. The you. The now.


the real you.

Alice is an artsy North Shore photographer

documenting families and creative humans

Hey, I'm Alice

A human lover I respect each persons unique identity and am here to document you for all that you are 🏳️‍🌈

A tree hugger I offset my environmental footprint every month by purchasing carbon credits

An artsy designer + plant lover I have my MFA in Graphic Design and a BLA in Landscape Architecture

A Mother I've been through the breastfeeding and the sleep regressions.

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Some photographers like to photograph one kind of person or relationship. That's not me.

My work doesn't fit into a neat little box

I like photographing people. People who are making things. People who are in love. People who are celebrating. Or just welcoming home a new baby. Families. Lovers. Designers. Artists. Yoga teachers. Entrepreneurs. If you care a lot about someone or something, I want to take your photo.

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design degrees (including an mfa)

littles of my own

years since my first photography course