Unique Family

Photography Sessions

A little bit documentary, a little bit lifestyle and very little 'smile at the camera'.

These sessions are for capturing your little family while you snuggle in your home or explore a beautiful place. I'll guide you through the session, letting moments unfold while gently leading you to the best light and flattering positions.

Are you

Willing to open up and show emotion?

In love with your fam (mostly)?

Down to get weird?



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The North Shore

Adventure Session

An hour(ish) curated adventure in a breathtakingly beautiful place on the North Shore (a collection of gorgeous coastal towns just North of Boston).

We'll explore together, seeking out the beautiful light and memorable moments. You'll be free to be yourselves while I provide gentle direction to make the most of our time together.



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The City Session

An hour(ish) curated stroll through a beautiful neighborhood or park in Boston.

You'll be free to be yourselves while I provide gentle direction to make the most of our time together.

Includes locations in Boston, Charlestown, Somerville, Jamaica Plain and Cambridge.



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The Home Session

A 1.5-2 hour session dedicated to capturing life in the place you call home. We can document a morning routine, an activity or just you hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. We can take a walk to your favorite neighborhood park or take the dog for a walk like you do every night before dinner. We'll freeze time together, capturing the mundane and the magical moments of daily life.

Must be located within 1 hour of Ipswich, MA.



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The Capsule Sessions

A 25-minute session offered at a set time in a predetermined location. These are extended mini-sessions providing a quick snapshot of your family in a selected indoor or outdoor location.

These abbreviated sessions are only offered a few times a year, head to the availability calendar for more information on booking.



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Let's be honest, that's a real possibility! That's why I let kiddos lead the session. I don't force kids to smile and look at the camera or to do anything they really don't want to do. What this usually leads to is kids opening up and realizing they can have fun! That's when we get the photos of them being themselves. I suggest never disciplining your kids during a session and letting me take the lead. Trust me, we'll get good photographs, no matter how wild your little tribe is!

What if my kids are out of control?

You into it?

Let's do this thing.

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